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IWA offers a unique self-reflective learning system based on depth psychology, expressive arts and sacred centering practises. Inner Work teaches how to activate intuitive knowing, clarify the interior life and find ones meaning and purpose.
The intention of our online courses, mini retreats and membership is to support you to develop an even stronger sense of self worth and put support structures in place to live a soulful life.
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Explore Your Inner Life

Reclaim your Spirit

Within our course material you can  explore your life in depth. 

Inner Work skills focus on the mystery of your soul, what it is, what it contains, how it operates, what it teaches, and how it nurtures and guides.

As your Inner Work progresses, you become interested in the process the soul is going through as it moves you through life. Rather than laying blame on others for the circumstances in your life, you are able to take responsibility and become a creator in life.

 Through doing  inner work you gain traction and make  significant transformations in consciousness. Transformations that free you from the trap of thinking your past has defined who you are.

Inner Work is soul work, the internal process of becoming more of one’s essential Self. 

How you can fully embrace your life

It's easier than you think

Our approach

Exploring who you are in depth

1. Openness

Inner Work is a philosophy in the art of living. It's a discipline that requires a plurality of viewpoints, and openness to experience, natural curiosity, honesty and a commitment to self-inquiry. 

2. Potential

Inner Work is about your potential and the courageous acts of sovereignty required when you move towards the possibilities in your life. It's about stepping out of your conditioning to find the opportunities within circumstances. 

3. The Framework

The Inner Work framework synthesises diverse streams of thought from psychology, anthropology, mythology, sacred technologies, indigenous cultures, and literary, poetic traditions. It relates directly to the soul of the human being. 

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