Introduction to Inner Work

  • Author: Inner Work Academy
  • Level: Introductory to Intermediate
  • Study time: Self paced
  • Video time: X hours
  • Exams: Nil
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    What's included?

    •  Videos
    •  PDFs
    •  Self Assessments 
    •  Experiential Exercises
    •  Videos
    •  Bonus exercises
    •  Access to Learner Apps

    Craft a more authentic life

    You will learn how to immediately use  Inner Work skills in the context of your own life.  Enabling a deeper understand of areas needing to be reclaimed and methods to do this. 

    Step by Step

    Simple Inner Work exploratory exercises are given. Each module building on the  previous one, culminating in a revealing and powerful encapsulation of your  life as it is now. Inner needs that need your attention and potentials for your future direction will be revealed.
    Meet the instructor

    Julie-Anne Wood

    Julie-anne is a founder of the Inner Work Academy. She has been teaching and presenting creative courses to students keen to explore their inner life for over 30 years.Her professional education includes a Postgraduate Degree in Rehabilitation Counselling, Advanced Diplomas in Transpersonal Emotional Release Counseling, Art therapy, Sandplay, Soul Collage  and a Bachelors of Visual Arts. She looks forward to introducing you into the wonderful world of inner work.  
    Patrick Jones - Course author
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